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Manga Super Aoi Sticker Pack

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iMessage Sticker Pack for the upcoming film shot in AR

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What's next?

  • We're developing an AR racing game due for release in April 2018 (more details coming very soon!!!)
  • Sushi'd Short Film is being reshot using AR and will be out by Mid-2018 with merchandise!
  • We are productizing our AI work which will feature shortly on our website
  • About CloudBNE
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    We are a creative startup based in Brisbane, Australia making an impact on the global stage with mobile games, augmented reality, AI and stock algorithms. We also have a strong motion graphics and design background as you can see from our work featured.

    We work with businesses to get their ideas and messages across in the most effective way in new and emerging mediums. We are doers as well as planners which is why we can take an idea and make it into something very real in a short period of time

    We value collaborationWe are trusted by companies and consumers worldwide

    We are always looking at interesting new work so no matter if you are a new or existing customer or someone who would like to collaborate with us on a project please get in touch our contact details are at the bottom of this page.